Audio Podcasts

You can download and listen to these podcasts while exercising, driving, etc.  Many people find it  uplifting and educational to hear what others have to say about topics of interest.  To gain the most value from these recordings, I suggest that you listen to them repeatedly. I have included some personal stories from clients, as well as some teaching tools for you to keep on hand when you need extra strength, hope and resiliency!"


Carol the Coach on WIBC:

On these two podcasts, Carol and Mike W. discuss how Sexual Addiction progresses and the serious consequences that occur as a result. Carol discusses how the average listener would know if they had a sexual addiction, with Prosecutor Carl Brizzi. This show has been unedited so you can hear what  Mike's life was like before the addiction, how his life became unmanageable during the addiction, and what he did to restore his life and to help others.


Dr. Patrick Carnes:

In this video Dr. Carnes explains why Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists---- CSATS are the only qualified therapists who have trained extensively under his direction and can offer the specialization necessary to ensure success!  To find a CSAT in your area go to and look for the Therapist Locator tab.