Stop Being Depressed

With years of experience as a therapist, a columnist, a speaker and a radio & TV personality, Carol has compiled a wealth of knowledge on a variety of self-help topics. These booklets  will be your guide on the path to wellness. To place an order, click on the “add to cart” link corresponding to the booklet of your choice. 

Body Image Makeover, Hypnosis 
Carol’s soothing voice guides the listener on a journey. From infancy to womanhood and those awkward periods in between, the listener will explore feelings,relationships, sexuality, and all stages of change and development. Carol’s words help the listener accept, embrace, and celebrate their body.

Create The Life You Deserve

Anxiety Reduction Techniques Hypnosis   
Carol helps the listener retrain thinking and access choices in times of anxiety. The therapeutic recording teaches the listener techniques to replace anxiety with pleasant visualizations and memories designedto slow the body down and reverse feelings of worry and nervousness.

Carol The Coach Life Series:

$5 Each + $2.95 s&h or All 7 for $35 + $7.95 s&h

Improve Your Sex Life
Hypnotic Body Image Makeover
Hypnosis - Reduce Anxiety
Hypnosis - Lose Weight Now

More Tools To Help You Grow...

Find A Life Partner

Hypnotic CDs & Tapes

$10 Each + $2.95 s&h


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Hypnosis  
Carol’s comforting recitation will help the listener gain control over eating and exercise habits. Her words allow the listener to visualize weight loss goals and go forward to meet those goals with enthusiasm and desire for change

Create The Life You Deserve
Raise Healthy Children
Improve Your Relationship