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Carol  Juergensen Sheets and Allan J. Katz have created a workbook/road map for rebuilding relationships damaged by sexual addiction and other forms of infidelity.  With a focus on empathy – understanding what the betrayed partner is feeling; the exercises in this guidebook will help sex addicts rebuild lost trust and intimacy.  This is a recipe for healing a broken relationship.  Available for $29.99 at Amazon

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Unleashing Your Power

​This workbook was written to assist partners in finding themselves again after their relationship has been shattered by sexual betrayal. Best-selling author, Carol Juergensen Sheets, co-wrote this book with Christine Turo-Shields to help partners move through the 3 stages of partner betrayal. The workbook will assist you in finding safety and stabilization by working through your feelings of confusion, disorientation and self-doubt which is a natural by-product of deception.  Available through the publisher for $29.99 + $5.50 s&h, or through Amazon.

Group Work For Men In Sexual Recovery

OR, Get the entire series AND Audio Downloads for just $79 + $5.95 s&h. 

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Transformations - A Woman's Journey of Self-Discovery

Transformations will change your life! As therapists with many decades of combined experience working with women, we have watched the exercises in this book dramatically change the lives of women. Women have been asking us to compile these activities so they could pass them along to their daughters, friends and their mothers. With this workbook, you have everything you need to create lasting transformation. We believe that within yourself, you possess everything you need to change your life. However, there may be obstacles which are holding you back from realizing your own potential. This book will help you unlock your personal power and make the necessary changes to create the life you envision and deserve.    $29.95 on Amazon

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Get The Series!  All 4 Books - $30 + $5.95 s&h

#3 Setting Goals Creates Success
Everyone wants success yet many find it extremely elusive. Setting Goals Creates Success uncovers insights, motivation and exercises to help you meet your personal, relationship and professional goals. $10 + $3.95 s&h

#4 Finding Your God-Given Dream
When you learn to listen to God and give your fears to Him, you will learn to trust yourself and your dreams. Finding Your God-Given Dream highlights the important role spirituality plays in life. Learn how further understanding of God and faith can put you on a righteous path to your dreams.  $10 + $3.95 s&h

#2 Improving Relationships - A couples Workbook

This workbook provides shortcuts, tools and skill building exercises that will enhance any relationship. Whether used individually or as a couple, the manual will help you identify and address the core issues faced by couples today.  $10 + $3.95 s&h

Carol's Shortcut Series

Available for $10 each or $30 for all 4 (plus S & H)

#1 Shortcuts to Creating a Positive Self Esteem

This workbook is designed to walk the reader through a course of self discovery and motivation, to make step-by-step changes in attitude and behavior. This book will help you create the life you deserve!  $10 + $3.95 s&h

Creative Coaching: 65 Empowerment Secrets to Create the Life You Deserve!

I have compiled the most effective exercises to move you past all the internal and external blocks, so that you can be the best that you can be! This manual teaches you 65 life skills that will activate your potential, through empowerment principals you can live by on a daily basis.

The exercises in this manual help you to focus on your strengths and move you forward in your life! In this book, you will get the concepts and theories that will set you up to change the blocks which keep you from creating the life you deserve. You will get step by step instructions as to how to do each exercise! This will be your own, personal journal, as you commit to changing your life!  $19.95 + $5.95 s&h

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