Healing Retreat

Here are three workshops that Carol will be providing during your stay in Italy. She will also be available for a free coaching session during the course of your stay!

Decision Making and Boundaries
When a woman has been through trauma, her amygdala keeps her safe by going into protection mode. However when she operates from this protective state, her fight, flight, or freeze response can interfere with her ability to make healthy decisions because she does not know when it is safe to rely on her intuition. The brain goes offline until she can feel safe. 
In this workshop, Carol teaches a 3-step formula that reinforces your reliance on your intellect, your emotions, and your intuition to make healthy decisions so that you can create the life you deserve! This formula will leave you feeling more confident and sure of yourself as you navigate life.

Principles for Creating Happiness
Several practices support happiness. Research shows that when you practice 3 “Happiness Principles” regularly, you are much more likely to stay in a state of contentment, regardless of your past or the negativity around you. It is time to program your life to create what you need in your life and this workshop will support you as you learn the “3 Keys to Happiness” and spend time applying them to your current circumstance.

Finding Your God-Given Purpose
Everyone has a dream, and you were born to make a difference in the lives of others. Is there something that has been “tugging at your heartstrings” that you have ignored because of the complexities of life. This workshop will allow you to focus on something that you have always wanted to cultivate but put on the back burner. It will provide you with practical steps to creating an action plan to manifest your God-Given Dream.

Are you ready for a little healing and restoration after betrayal?

Well, we are leaving for Tuscany, Italy on July 25-August 1, and I would love for you to join us!  

There is no denying that I want you to find your post-traumatic growth, and one of the ways you can do that is by settling in and experiencing life on a different level.  

We will be staying  in a beautiful traditional Italian Farm House with seven bedrooms and 11 beds and six bathrooms on a 650-acre winery!  This beautiful home located near Florence, Arezzo, and Sienna awaits you! You will be sharing a bathroom with 1 to 2 other guests. We will be living like the local Italians and have clean towels and sheets as needed. There are 650 acres of vineyards, olive groves and woodland area outside our front door.  The home is in beautiful condition and is of a different era of grace and beauty. The house has a private pool and there is a lovely centuries-old stone church of historical significance on the property. . This tour is your opportunity to regain your life and treat yourself to adventure, nurturance and personal growth. And I will be providing morning workshops and a free coaching session just for you!

So if you are ready to re-claim your life and live the life you deserve, click the button below for more  information and to reserve your spot for this life changing experience. ​Treat yourself to an international experience of connection, reflection, laughter and support with other women.        

I can’t wait to meet you!