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Carol has a no-nonsense style and cut-to-the chase attitude that makes it clear she means business. Carol has trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes and has been credentialed as a Certified Sexual Addictions Counselor to provide clients with the needed resources to restore their lives.  
Carol’s book  Help. Her. Heal  (co-authored with Allan J. Katz) is both a workbook and a roadmap for rebuilding relationships damaged by sexual addiction and other forms of infidelity. With a focus on empathy, the exercises in this guidebook help sex addicts rebuild lost trust and intimacy by helping them understand what the betrayed partner is feeling.

This training takes your skills to the next level. Carol the Coach is the first clinician to have developed an Empathy Model that teaches the sex addict to promote healing throughout all 3 Phases of Partner Betrayal. 
The goal of Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model Training is to provide the gold standard of care for professionals in facilitating relational skills that are healthy, safe, and effective for couples seeking to restore their relationship after sex addiction and partner betrayal.  

Professionals will learn empathy and relational skills that they can use with their clients, which will enhance working through the 3-Phase Model of Partner Betrayal, developed from the APSATS MPTM Model.  

Teaching the addict how to empathize is necessary to build the foundational work that is necessary to create safety and stabilization and to prepare for the grieving and anger work in Phase 2 of Partner Betrayal. This is the first training that will provide a roadmap to helping her heal with the addict by her side.  

This 4-day training will provide exercises that have been adapted from the Help. Her. Heal. Model for the first phase of partner betrayal. This will prepare you for Phase 2, which helps professionals know how to utilize the sex addict and the couple in helping her heal from the anger, grief, mourning, and loss stage of their relationship as they once knew it. It teaches the “Ultimate Empathy Exercises” that allow her to rage at the addiction, grieve the loss of what she thought she had, and mourn what will never be the same again.  

If you work with couples who have experienced sexual betrayal, then you know there is so much more that you need to do to create healing in the coupleship. This premier training is a step-by-step guide to getting your couples to that restoration phase of post-traumatic growth. 

Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model Training has applied to NBCC for 24 CE hours. Please check back for updates regarding this approval

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September 20-23, 2022
10am-5pm EST 
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Dr. Jake Porter



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Dr. Jake Porter is the Founder and President of Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation. He is a national board certified counselor, professional coach, and expert in the fields of trauma and relational dynamics. He primarily works with couples from across the country and around the world who travel to Houston for his customized intensive counseling experiences. He is the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery®, a model that places the primary attachment relationship at the center of the recovery and healing process from chronic infidelity and betrayal trauma. In addition to his work as a coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Jake is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Houston Graduate School of Theology, where he also serves as Director of the Doctor of Professional Counseling Program. He speaks often in many settings, and has taught and trained individuals around the world. 

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