Virtual Workshop

Registrants are required to have completed the Help Her Heal Online Course. This will teach the fundamentals you need before attending the workshop

In This Course, Coach Carol will will go over the basic concepts from Help. Her. Heal. An Empathy Workbook for the Sex Addict to Help His Partner Heal.


  • Identify When and How to Use Empathy by “Using the 5 A’s"
  • Understand Your Feelings so You Can Recognize Your Partner's
  • Utilize the Trigger Busters Method to Assist Your Partner in Decreasing Triggers
  • Learn AVR - The Empathy Formula that Will Assist in Building Back her Trust
  • Learn Communication Patterns and Strategies to Enhance Understanding and Listening Skills
  • Teach Connection Shares - Check-Ins that Promote Trust, Appreciation, and Open Communication Access Conflict Strategies that will Acknowledge the Damage and Keep the Addict Out of the Shame Cycle

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This virtual 3-hour workshop will be available to both

sex addicts and partners on JULY 18 10 AM - 1 PM EST

The workshop is $129.00 per attendee.