Actualizing Your Potential:

Once you’re in good recovery, you will be able to utilize these YouTube Videos to take your life to the next level.  

YouTube Resources

YouTube Videos--For the Addict:
Carol the Coach has all types of insights that she can share with you to instantly make you feel better. You are not alone, and knowledge is power. If you’re an addict in crisis, you need to be able to access these skills to get you back into good healthy recovery.”

You Tube Videos for the Partner:

These videos will help a partner at any stage of her recovery from dealing with the trauma of sexual addiction. They will help you navigate through this crisis.           

YouTube Videos for the Couple:

Sex addiction is an individual recovery issue and it is a relational issue, and you will need to work on them both simultaneously if you have a partner. These videos will help you to find the skills you need to let your partner know that you will do everything possible to work on repairing the severe fracturing that has affected your relationship.