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The groundbreaking book, Help.Her.Heal, is now available as an online course which provides a road map for rebuilding relationships damaged by sexual addiction and other forms of infidelity. It is broken into 16 video segments which provide over 3 hours of information. The exercises in this course will help sex addicts rebuild lost trust and intimacy. It will help couples know what to expect from each other as they heal. This course is a recipe for healing a broken relationship! (Reg. $249, save $50 through November 24, 2019.)

Sexual Addiction is an illness that requires specialized treatment. Certified sexual addictions counselors have been trained to know how to treat the varied forms of sexual addiction. They have trained with the greatest researchers, physicians and therapists who have devoted their clinical lives to working with this addiction.

Carol The Coach is now the only CSAT ---Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist in the Indianapolis area. She has the expertise to help both the addict and his/her partner move through the steps of recovery, and make life better than it has ever been!


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